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You've probably also been told that birthing is inevitably painful, difficult, hard, and long. Disempowering birth experiences have unfortunately become 'the norm' due to often unnecessary medical interventions, lack of trust in the female body, and the autonomy of women in labor being taken away.

But what if birthing could be smooth, calm, and even pleasurable?

Dear mom-to-be, the fact that you are reading this now, means there’s a good chance that you want your baby’s birth to be very different from 'the norm', and are therefore looking for alternatives. When you’re pregnant, your first and main concern is the well-being of your baby, and bringing your baby safely into the world. As much as this is your priority, it takes much more than just thinking it. It requires good preparation. And that is precisely why I developed the POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE PROGRAM. A program based on what you want.

Birthing is a skill, and you CAN influence your birth experience.

You are not a passive passenger on this unique transformational journey. You are in control in more ways than you realize!With the POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE PROGRAM, I’m keen to help you take control into your own hands, by proactively anticipate your baby’s birthday.

So, you can leave all (unsolicited) opinions, and (inappropriate) advice from people around you for what it is. And you no longer must waste your time, and peace of mind searching for answers on the internet. With the POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE PROGRAM, I take you with me into the birth world, to the essence. And you proactively get started with the MOMBOSS PLAN. Because being proactive is key, and thé best way to prepare yourself for the perhaps unknown, and the birthday. What you will learn and do with MOMBOSS will help you express your birth wishes.

Imagine yourself smiling, laughing, and enjoying childbirth. And how you put your baby on your chest for the first time, in supreme joy, in your full power. You were made for this!

Change the way you view birth into a powerful and positive birth experience. Take the first step now; get in touch with me.


HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method, is a wonderful pregnancy course and the most complete there is. The proven methods of HypnoBirthing prepares the parent-to-be physically, mentally and spiritually for childbirth. And, as a woman, brings you back to your ability to birth your baby in a safe, natural, calm and extraordinarily beautiful way. HypnoBirthing assumes that your body knows how to give birth, it is in your DNA. Thus that is always the focus.

HypnoBirthing is a course for both parents. Actually very logical; the baby is yours together and you are both important for the beginning of his/her life. You are a strong team if you both have the same knowledge about this. You also practice all the techniques together. Thanks to HypnoBirthing you gain insight into the practical, physical and mental side of the birth process. All knowledge is aimed at trusting your smart body and your mental strength. That it would be 'new-agey' has long been outdated. Nothing is as down to earth as the actual functioning of your brain and body.

Hypno stands for hypnosis. What we do with this during the course has nothing to do with the show hypnosis you know from TV. Hypnosis, also known as self-hypnosis, means deep relaxation. Relaxed and focused. This is the ideal state during labor: your body works optimally and your brain is calm. Then there are the simple but effective HypnoBirthing breathing exercises that will support your body throughout the birth process, with what it is actually doing. All techniques you will be taught, 

have a proven positive effect on the course of birth process and on how you experience it. So through HypnoBirthing I teach you to make your confidence in childbirth bigger than fearful thoughts. Because the whole experience of having a baby is grander than any pain. It is super special, moving and empowering! Whether you want to birth at home or in the hospital, HypnoBirthing is equally suitable. It gives you the confidence that you can do it at home and that you can relax in a hospital setting. 


    • The HypnoBirthing® course is taught in a format of five lessons of 2.5 hours each and you need time and practice to make the techniques a second nature.
    • You follow the course together with your partner or birth partner.
    • You are willing to practice the techniques together at home. The principle of HypnoBirthing is that you will condition your subconscious. It takes practice and a lot of repetition.
    • You can choose to do the course in group or individually (private).
    • You start between 15 and 25 weeks of pregnancy, depending on your need to practice longer.
    • If you are already later in your pregnancy and you still really want to follow the. HypnoBirthing® course, contact me regardless. We will figure it out together.


Through this platform I would like to make an appeal to you to contribute. Poverty has many faces. Alleviating the problem of poverty therefore requires a comprehensive approach on various aspects. In Belgium too there are many socially vulnerable mothers and pregnant women who have almost nowhere to turn to for help.

It is my belief that by making a woman/mother resilient, giving her more insight and increasing her self-confidence, she will stand stronger in her motherhood. Here we can make a difference together.

You can make a donation (once or on a regular basis) and contribute to give pregnant women in the weakest social position, access to qualitative prenatal care. All donations will be merged. And thanks to these donations you make it possible for me to support pregnant moms in need during their pregnancy and the birth of their babies.

In my turn, I will save 5% of each complete 'doula support trajectory' for which I am hired. Once a year I will donate the integral saved amount to an organization or charity that works for women and children.

I'm counting on you. Because together we do better.

Do you wish to donate? Please contact me via the contact form. The necessary information will be provided.

Rates pregnancy-and birth support

Intake is for free.

The POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE PROGRAM is a one-on-one trajectory that runs over 8 weeks (may take a little less/longer). You can start the program from your second trimester of pregnancy (+/- 14 weeks).

This is what you receive:

  • MOMBOSS 5-step plan
  • tools and individual support
  • handy information bundle
  • workbook 'My Birth Decisions'
  • three one-on-one sessions of 2 hours each 
  • emotional support
  • me as doula by your side during birth
  • the cherry on the cake; A POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE

Your investment for all of this is €1299

Important: don't let the cost be a reason to deny yourself a POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE. If this turns out to be a problem, here are some tips and options to cover the costs:

a payment in installments

when pregnant, your health insurance fund will offer you a birth premium. You can choose to use this premium partially to cover the cost

family, friends, or acquaintances who want to support you in this can purchase a gift voucher from me. You can then use these voucher(s) to cover the costs.

put the POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE PROGRAM on your baby shower, mom blessing or birth list

Currently the following Health Insurance Funds offer an allowance for the services of a doula (pregnancy and birth support): Partena, Vlaams & Neutraal Ziekenfonds, Solidaris and Helan. This amounts to €150 per affiliated parent. So, if you are both insured, you will receive €300 back. So be sure to inquire with your Health Insurance Fund.

Rates HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method course

Course content

    • Five weekly lessons of 2,5 hours each
    • the original HypnoBirthing® MP3s
    • extensive accompanying course material in Dutch
    • after every lesson a summary by e-mail so that you keep an overview of what you have learned and can easily apply it
    • online guidance after the course until the birth of your baby

Your investment for all of this is:

Group course €295 per couple, in a small group (min. three, max. five participating couples)

Private course €455 per couple

Purchase of the book HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method (NL or ENG), price +/- €15-20 Additional sessions for extra support €50/hour

Additional sessions for extra support €50/hour

If you are pregnant again and you have already taken a HypnoBirthing course, you can opt for a refresher course (2x two hours) €125 per couple

Discounts on package

Positive Birth Experience Program + group course HypnoBirthing® -10% discount on total price (excl. book)

Positive Birth Experience Program + private course HypnoBirthing® -10% discount on total price (excl. book)

Positive Birth Experience Program + refresh course HypnoBirthing® -10% discount on total price (excl. book)

Please note! All the above rates are exclusive of transport costs. If I come to you, I also charge a mileage allowance; €0,4170/km plus possible parking cost.

Free info sessions

My website already gives you an idea of who I am, what I stand for and how I work. Still, it can be nice and useful to get more exposure for my work and services. This may help you to know even better how I can serve you.

Come and meet me at one of the monthly information sessions. These are held in a small group of maximum ten people. Due to limited places pre-registration is required.



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