mom care

Dear woman, congratulations, you are pregnant or have just become a mother (again). Let's honor this. Becoming a mother is a life-changing event. At the end of the pregnancy, the intense task of giving birth awaits you. Then there is an immediate shift to be the primary caregiver your newborn needs so desperately. It takes grandeur, courage, surrender, endurance, sweat, tears and also laughter to enter motherhood. And sometimes it is easy to completely forget yourself and your own needs in this duty of unconditional love and service to your child and your family.

It is my belief that moms-to-be and moms deserve to have people around them who help them remember how important it is to come back to themselves during pregnancy and especially after birth. I'm here to welcome you in your pregnancy and motherhood. And support you in your recovery and postpartum period. As a woman from a rich and warm culture, I am always attracted to, and looking for authenticity. I love old traditions and rituals, they bear a lot of wisdom and beautiful intentions. With 'Mom Care' I bring together some of those old traditional wisdoms and customs, caring rituals, healing and nurturing care from all over the world. To help you reclaim your body and mind as your own. With this I especially encourage you; beautiful woman, to allow yourself TO BE NURTURED during the life-changing journey and transition from woman to mother.

Lots of love and warmth from my mother heart to yours,

prenatal yoga

Exercise together with your baby. Your pregnancy is a beautiful, special time, where you get the chance to go inward and get in touch with yourself and the baby you're carrying. During this period, the body undergoes a major transformation and prepares for birth. Prenatal yoga is the sport par excellence to embrace your changing body and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga is completely based on the pregnant body and its needs. In a very functional and concentrated way, yoga poses are combined with breathing and relaxation exercises and specific postures that can be used during childbirth. 

Prenatal yoga is a gentle class that invites you to relax and let go. Gentle stretching along with gentle breathing will help you relieve tension that can build up during pregnancy. It helps train the breath, body and mind to relax. So the prenatal yoga classes are a particularly important moment. A moment for yourself, to listen and get in touch with your body and your baby. Come, listen… and let your body and heart guide you through the yoga practice.

Some benefits of prenatal yoga

    • a good foundation of self-care
    • helps prevent common pregnancy ailments
    • promotes better posture and flexibility
    • helps your baby get into the most optimal position for birth

New series: SEP-OCT 2022 Sunday 18/09, 25/09, 2/10, 9/10, 16/10, 23/10, 30/10

Prenatal Yoga 09:30am till 10:45am

Mama Moon Flow 11:00am till 12:15pm


The yoga classes are always given in a series. My Prenatal Yoga can be practiced from the beginning of the pregnancy. My Mama Moon Flow (postnatal yoga) can be practiced from six weeks after birth, eight weeks after a c-section. No yoga experience, nor flexibility is required.

The group classes take place in studio Yoga Zuid in Antwerp.


Bengkung belly binding

Bengkung belly binding is a traditional Malaysian postpartum ritual. By means of a very long cotton cloth, the belly of the new mother gets completely packed in. An effective and important way to help you in the first weeks after childbirth. For nine to ten months you carried your baby in your womb and suddenly your baby is born and your belly is empty. Because of this, the feeling of abandonment can sometimes overtake you. Bengkung belly binding then gives you a welcome loving embrace, making you feel supported both physically and emotionally.

During pregnancy, your body retains water, air and extra weight for the reason; to protect your baby. After childbirth this has no longer has a function and everything slowly drains so the cells can shrink back. With the help of Bengkung belly binding; through the constant supporting pressure, this process is accelerated. The area, from your hips to under your breasts, is closed, as it were. The belly wrap provides you with 360˚ support; your abs spring back, your posture improves, your ligaments stabilize and all your vital organs (including the uterus) find their way back to their original size and place. The belly wrap also ensures that the entire abdominal area remains pleasantly warm, so the warmth can do its work and endorse the healing. You will also experience fewer neck and upper back complaints during (breast) feeding.

The belly wrap is mainly intended for the first postpartum weeks in which you still spend time in bed and therefore move less. It can be worn for up to 24 hours during the first two weeks following childbirth. After that 6 to 10 hours is sufficient. The belly wrap is easy to wear until about 4 months after you had your baby.
Due to its healing properties, Bengkung Belly Binding can also speed up both emotional and physical recovery after a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Rebozo closing ritual

During my stay in Mexico I was honored to be introduced by Ophelia; a lovely Mayan woman, and now a dear friend, to the Mexican rebozo rituals. This tradition and rituals were passed on to her by her mother and grandmother. And in turn, Ophelia was eager to initiate me. As a doula, I am honored to introduce and let you enjoy these caring Mexican rituals.

The Rebozo Closing Ritual, here also called 'Closing the Bones' is much more than just a physical treatment. The entire ritual is done using Rebozos Mexicano (traditional woven scarves). The mother/woman in you is honored, celebrated, cherished. It helps you end a cycle; the period of pregnancy and birth, and transition into a new one; the cycle of motherhood. No matter how many children you have carried and given life to.

After the ritual you will feel as a new, emotionally and physically more aligned and healed. So that you stand confident, grounded and present in your body and motherhood.

Traditionally, the Rebozo Closing Ritual is performed 40 days after birth (but it can also be done long after). Due to its healing properties, the ritual can as well be applied to other important events and stages of life such as miscarriage, stillbirth, menopause, divorce, etc.

rates prenatal and postnatal yoga

group class (min. five participants)
7-classes series €119 per person
New participants can always join at the start of a new series.

Private class individual
Is possible on request.

Private classes in your own closed group (min. two participants) 5-classes series €150 per person (min. two participants)
Is possible on request.

You follow as much series as you want

rates Bengkung belly binding package

The ritual will take place at your home. This package consists of three sessions; the first session preferably takes place 4-7 days after birth. Prior to the binding, I first prepare your abdominal area.

The following sessions preferably will happen every 5-7 days, during which I can teach you or your partner how to put on the belly wrap yourself.

In case you had a c-section, we will see together how soon it feels right for you to put on the belly wrap. In any case, it is very important to first let the wound heal properly.

3-session package €250

    • three sessions of two hours each
    • warming moxa
    • healing belly massage
    • gentle foot massage
    • gentle head massage
    • bengkung belly binding

Single or extra session €90

I ask a €50 deposit for the belly wrap (cloth). This will be refunded 100% to you after I have received the belly wrap back. If you want you can buy your own belly wrap, ask me for prices.

* please make sure that during sessions someone else is present at home, to take care of your baby/children. So that you can relax completely and not have to worry and I can give you the best attention possible.

rates Rebozo closing ritual

As postpartum treatment €165

This 3-hour postpartum ritual comprise the following care:

You can also book this ritual separately from a pregnancy or postpartum period. Then the treatment lasts 1.5 hours €90

    • sharing your birth story, cozily while drinking a cup of fresh tea
    • a relaxing, warming bath (or shower)
    • gentle head massage
    • gentle foot massage
    • cupping belly massage
    • rebozo closure; every part of your body is covered; feet, legs, pelvis, hips, abdomen, arms, chest, shoulders, neck, head

Please note! All the above rates are exclusive of transport costs. If I come to you, I also charge a mileage allowance; €0,4170/km plus possible parking cost.

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